A quick intro to the world of JadeUnwritten…

Name: Jade (duh!)

Occupation by day: Sales Administrator for a publishers

Occupation by night: Ninja Raccoon (unsure why raccoon, it just seemed right!)

Serious face ambition: I want to be sat upon a throne of books that I myself have had published, and I’d like to think I’d spend the evenings riding off into the sunset on my unicorn.

One thing everyone knows about me: I LOVE campervans, the original type – split screen, retro. I want one in bright green. To prove this ambition I have a picture of one on my desk at work.

Warn readers what your blog is about and the kind of sass they can expect: 22 year old who likes to moan about 1st world problems, writing quirks, and quirks of being a writer. Personifying random objects as if they have real feelings and developing emotional attachments to them.

Purpose/Aim of JadeUnwritten: I will unashamedly admit that I want  a blog that many a people/animal/cyborg/fantastical creature, follow, like, and comment on. I wish to be wildly popular with you all and tickle your bellies with my words. Not my hands, because that would be weird, and in some cases, a little bit gross.


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